Wednesday, September 27, 2006

And she still has both ears!

To the left is Clara Grace's latest art work. It is an untitled piece done in chalk. However, I'm sure before it hangs in the Guggenheim she will give it an entirely profound name.

My house is filled with the artwork of my children. I have some of Hannah's paintings, Quent's photographs and now some of Clara Grace's drawings. This one is a tad better than the stick figures that adorn my refrigerator, so I thought I would share it.

Added Bonus! - I also got Clara Grace's grade card today. Now while I'm all for reading, writing, and arithmetic, I believe that to be a truly accomplished 3rd grader one must excel in work habits and behavior. And CG did super. It's off to McKay's to celebrate.

Only nine years old and she has already shown the drive and artistic genius of Van Gogh. Added Bonus! - She plays well with others, and still has both her ears!

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