Tuesday, September 12, 2006

That's My Girl!

As a parent you are always concerned that your children my someday be afflicted with some of the same stupidity that accosted you during your development. You watch and worry over them as best you can, but one day they are gone off to college, and all bets are off.

It's such a relief when you find out they are OK! Oh sure, most people would get a photo like this one from their daughter and begin lining up therapists, doctors, ministers and maybe even an exorcist, but not me. Now I know she's going to be alright. You see only a young lady with gifted comedic talent, a superb intellect, and self esteem out the ying-yang could pull off such a look. Other's might see this photo and say "Bless her heart", but I look at it and say That's my Hannah!

1 comment:

Barry said...

She's beautiful, just like I always thought she'd be!

The little goofball...